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Bradley was on Alan Carr this week plugging this movie, see below for the video:


The movie starts off by setting up Bradley’s character (Eddie) as a hapless writer who is suffering an intensive bout of writers block, combined with an alcohol problem.  Everything seems to be going wrong for him, his apartment is a mess, his current girlfriend leaves him and we learn he is also a divorcee.

There’s a lot of internal monologue in this film meaning some weird pauses throughout the film where characters just stare at each other!  But on the whole it does work as an insight into Eddie’s mind.

Eddie then has a chance meeting with his ex-wife’s brother who informs him he is now working for a pharmaceutical company and that he has a ‘magic’ pill which could make Eddie’s life better, at first he refuses the drug but eventually after some afternoon drinks he thinks ‘well how much worse can it get’ and pops one pill.

The transformation is really well done with every detail becoming clearer to not only the character but also us the viewer, it allows us to see a different perspective on the current scene and every single fact he has ever read/seen is suddenly available to Eddie.  The concepts are very Scott Pilgrim/Lovely Bones with lots of visualisations.

Eddie turns these feelings into being more productive, he cleans his apartment, cuts his hair and finishes his book in three days flat.

Needless to say the drug starts wearing off and he decides he would like some more…through a twist he manages to get his hands on a huge bag of the drug.

Everything is now going really well for Eddie and he sets his sights high….he imagines being President someday.

Basically the rest of the film is the ‘bad guys’ trying to stop Eddie from reaching his goals, people find out about the drug, his ex-wife turns up, the drug has certain side effects and so on, so the film turns into can Eddie outwit everyone else and the drug itself in a way.

There are lots of twists and turns in the movie, just when you think things are going ok for Eddie things and people pop out of the woodwork.  De Niro gets to show off his acting chops as Eddie’s main ‘rival’ in the movie.

The pace never slows and the concept is certainly interesting but the ending left me feeling  a little bereft….I’d say watch it with a friend and have a discussion about the possibly endings and also what impact a drug like that would have on our society.

3/5 PopLedge Points


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You know what I prefer her dress to Kate’s!  It’s a younger design but still offers a bit of modesty.  By the Queen’s own personal designer Stewart Parvin it really is a beautiful dress.

I love the Tiara too which belongs to her mum Princess Anne and the veil works really well too!

I really liked Kate’s hat on this occasion but am not so keen on her lacey jacket – again it feels a bit too old for her.

Beatrice again was half way there, the colour was a nice bright teal but the skirt and the flowers on it I didn’t like.

Her sister Eugenie again looks a little bit too old for her years – brown for a Wedding?

Elsewhere Una from the Saturdays and her bloke Ben Foden are such a gorgeous couple!

There were lots of sportsmen at the Wedding as to be expected from this sporty couple.

Check out the gallery below!

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I heard about Forever21 first through an American friend and then through a YouTube vlogger who did a little tour about the shop!

I must say I was impressed, basically think Topshop with Primark prices!  So it’s more designer than Primark but with lower prices…win win.

I imagine it was chaos on opening day!

Here’s a video from their UK style ambassador:

And here is a link to their jumpsuits and rompers…all under £20!



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I just can’t resist watching!

Past BB stars dancing along to ‘When Love Takes Over’ is all it takes to get me excited, and Celeb BB, who are they going to have on this year?!

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I’m definitely going to see this film, I must admit a love of the Planet of the Apes series and this looks like a good take on the franchise with a solid cast.

I love Rupert Grint’s t-shirt too!

Take a look at the photos below and the trailer!

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I’m excited to see the fashion on-show tomorrow at the Royal Wedding!

Another Wedding Dress to look at plus Kate’s outfit and Beatrice and Eugenie’s fashion choices!

Will and Kate arrive


Zara and Mike in Scotland

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