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I remember watching a program about Glee where Dianna revealed that she asked to have false eyelashes fitted as part of her characters ‘look’.  Dianna felt that this would add to her ‘mean/popular’ girl look for the first season.

It is true as well eyelashes can make a big different to your eyes.

I’ve looked at Quinn’s eyelashes and it looks like they have accentuated and opened up the sides of her eyes with falsies..

Can you see at the edge of her eyes (through the tears!) that she has full and flicked out lashes at the side?

This was my attempt at recreating this look..

It didn’t take me long to do this and I felt it made quite a difference to my eyes.

I used Eyelure Individual False Eyelashes for this look.  In the pack you get short, medium and long lashes – you are supposed to start with the short ones nearest your nose and then work your way out to the sides of your eyes gradually using the longer lashes.  They are VERY fiddly to use though – the glue and positioning them all etc – yuck.  I do not think I would have the patience.  So all I did for this look was used two medium length lash extensions and literally just place them near the edge of the eye.  I have slept on them for a couple of nights now and haven’t lost one yet but I can’t see them staying there for four weeks like the packet states.

For a quick and easy technique though it is worth a go – if you want a big change and a full set I would say see a professional and pay to get it done properly – if I had to do a full set on each eye I would have been there for an hour+ I’m sure.

This is a nice quick beauty fix though…more photos below!


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The new product – containing LR 2412 – a ‘unique multi-tasking “beauty” molecule’ – has sparked desire among customers seduced by research claiming that one in two women planning non-surgical procedures postponed them after trying Visionnaire.

It’s a really hard product to get hold of – celebrities such as Kate and Pippa Middleton and Lancome representative Emma Watson have been sent complimentary serums but for us mere mortals we have to join the queue alongside thousands of others across the UK.

The serum is apparently so effective that it corrects skin imperfections to the point where botox is no longer needed.

This ‘miracle’ doesn’t come cheap though – £57 fpr a 30ml bottle!

I’m not sure how it interacts with spots or blemishes but it does sound pretty impressive!  I would like to hear more about people with skin problems and how it has ‘treated’ this – does it even out skin tone, help with acne or just fill in lines?  If anyone has any experience with this product then please feel free to get in touch!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2032547/Duchess-Cambridge-Pippa-Emma-Watson-try-Lancomes-miracle-cream-Visionnaire.html#ixzz1WjfSshkS

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Hey guys – here’s another version of ‘sponge nail art’ it’s truly easy and fun to do!

All you need is a background colour and then some accent colours to ‘sponge dab’ on the top!

I bought two huge sponges from Asda last week for 50p so it’s cheap too!  Just cut chunks off the sponge bit by bit!

All I did was….

  • Paint all my nails white
  • Let dry
  • Chose my accents colours – pink, orange and purple today!
  • Put a couple of drops of my first colour on some scrap paper
  • Dab the sponge into the polish
  • Dab a couple of times on the paper to get rid of any excess
  • Then dab the sponge onto your nail – you don’t want lots as you want it to look like a graffiti/splatter mess rather than a whole colour on top – too much polish causes this effect
  • Get a clean bit of sponge every time and repeat with the next two colours – you can go back and add more of the bottom colour if you want – just get it how you want!   I like each nail to look a little different!
  • Let it dry again!
  • Cover with a top coat for protection!

Best thing about this – it’s different, quick and has endless combinations!

Here are my results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also if you want a method video you can see my take on doing a star cluster using the same method…

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Right girls first of all there is a LOT of scams out there selling this £3 product for £30 and upwards…it is one lady who is claiming you can’t get this product anywhere else…this is a pile of PANTS!

This product is produced in Japan so it isn’t available in shops in the UK.  This is the main site to avoid, they get shut down all the time http://blackheadnomore.blogspot.com/2008/06/blakhead-masque.html the claims they make and the photos they show and the stories etc are all fabricated.   So yes avoid.

What they actually sell from these con sites is a product called ‘Daiso Charcoal Mask’ it retails for $2.00 in Japan, the people behind the scam are marketing this product under a different name, tut tut.  I got mine from ebay for £3.50 here’s a similar listing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Daiso-Japan-Charcoal-Mask-Face-Masque-Blackhead-Pore-/290599935342?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=item43a91b1d6e

Onto the review, charcoal is a great product for the skin, it does do a purification job really well.

I would suggest steaming your face before putting on the mask to open the pore.

The product is messy! You need to wash your hands after an application, it’s a very thick consistency.  I would put a liberal amount on your skin, about 2mm worth say.   It takes a while to dry, about 15-20 minutes if not more.  But then it peels off like a paper rather than a clay mask…you can see the debris stuck to the mask so you get that satisfied feeling from it!

I would also run a very gentle cleanser over your skin after using this product just to get any of the left-over product off of your skin.

I think it’s less irritating to the skin than say the Biore strips and applying it as a mask means no air bubbles and missed sections!

Is it worth ordering off the net though? Well yes I think so, it is different to other masks available here and the charcoal ingredient is a plus, just please pay £3 not £30!

Here’s some pictures of the product below and also one of my masks after removal!


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These polishes are very new on the market, this was the only colour combination at my Boots store in the UK.

It’s a neat idea and you could play a lot with different colour combinations.

I’d like to see a silver or a lighter colour in the range next!

Did work really well though!  Top tips – don’t apply a lot of the ‘crackle’ polish, it needs space to achieve the effect!


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The US lingerie brand will open a flagship store on New Bond Street in London next year and will eventually launch in shopping centres across the country!

Happy because they do a LOT of nice beauty and hair products too which smell gorgeous!  I got some the last time I went to NYC and I loved it!

They do:

  • Bras and pants
  • Sleepwear
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Beauty lines

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Another nail look from @popledge today! I had trouble with this one (it’s only the second time I’ve done it!) but once you get the polish and the marbling how you want it I found I could dip 3 fingers in at a time which saves you sooooo much time!

Hope the video makes sense, as ever any questions please contact me! If you prefer email I’m popledge100@gmail.com!

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