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It was my birthday a few weeks ago so I asked for some Game vouchers with the view of putting them towards a Kinect.

Luckily I got about £50 in vouchers and so got a Kinect about 2 weeks ago now, so I’ve had time to let it bed-in!

These are my first thoughts/impressions around the Kinect and whether it is worth the money!  I paid £115 for mine with 3 games, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Michael Jackson Experience.

  • You need a lot of room!  No wonder the adverts are all set in warehouse apartments with no furniture!  I had to move my Xbox downstairs to be able to use it properly, the ‘best’ setting requires you to be about 4-5 metres away from the Kinect and you need another 4 metres to move side to side in!
  • So don’t believe the adverts where they appear near the TV! You will need to make room!
  • It’s very easy to set up – it has to go in the back USB slot but you get an extension if you have a Wi-Fi USB that needs moving
  • It REALLY maps your movements – not like the Wii or PS3 where you are holding a controller, you can track your whole body and it knows if you aren’t doing the moves properly!
  • You can download Kinect Labs for FREE through the dashboard – it contains some very innovative features and is constantly being updated
  • Sometimes it’s hard to control it with your hands! If you are a bit lazy with your hand movements you can end up in a bit of a pickle!
  • Voice commands do work but ultimately at some point you need the controller for the Dashboard etc
  • Dance Central is pretty awesome!  I do think you would lose weight with it, I always set it on ‘WorkOut’ mode so I can see how many calories I’m losing
  • Even on ‘easy’ I tend to get a slight sweat on!
  • It has a lot of play in the game, I’ve only done the ‘easy’ setting so far, you can unlock more tracks as you go along
  • You have to pay for newer tracks – should be free!
  • Anyone can pick it up – you just mirror the avator – even your Mum can have a boogie!
  • Choosing different locations and dancers is fun – each dancer has a ‘unique’ personality!
  • Good selection of tracks available
  • Kinect Adventures is ok – it’s a good free little game to introduce you to the movements of the Kinect
  • There’s 5 mini games on it with different levels to them
  • Again good for the whole family to do or to introduce friends to the Kinect
  • Length of play isn’t very long though, you get through it all pretty quickly
  • Michael Jackson Experience
  • Great concept but poorly programmed
  • Shows a ‘real-time’ image of you doing the moves but it’s a little blurry
  • Not enough explanation of the moves
  • BUT if you like MJ you can learn how to sing and dance to pretty much ALL of his back catalogue also using the Microphone to sing into
  • Pales in comparison to Dance Central though

In conclusion I’m glad I got one but without my vouchers the price would have seemed a bit high.

I do feel the Kinect is the future and the games will become more intelligent with time, especially as so many of them have been sold – the market is ready and waiting!


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