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Ambition does make you happier, according to the latest research, which shows those who sell themselves short often end up miserable.

People who aim high and set ambitious goals are more satisfied with their lives than those with lower expectations, a university study showed yesterday.

Those who set ambitious goals have a greater level of satisfaction compared with those who don’t bother, according to the latest research.

So what are you waiting for?  Set that goal and plan those steps to get there!

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Without getting too deep this is something I struggle with, I’m a bit of a bully to myself sometimes, luckily I tend to notice when I’ve being down on myself now and counter-act that thought pretty quickly.

One thing that I think is great to do is write a list of 50 things you like/respect about yourself.  I think in the past I would have thought this was ‘blowing your trumpet’ at bit but I came to the conclusion in my twenties that in-fact it was ok to ‘big up’ yourself rather than waiting for someone else to compliment/praise you.

Below is my list…if you want to make a list and send it to me you can do, I’ll write back and let you know what a superstar you are!!

I’m popledge100@gmail.com

  1. I’m creative
  2. I’m articulate
  3. I like reading
  4. I can put ideas into practise
  5. I’m a quick learner
  6. I’m a very loving person
  7. I can empathise with others
  8. I’m a great daughter
  9. I’m a fun sister
  10. I’m a lovely girlfriend
  11. I’m a good friend
  12. I love movies
  13. I love music
  14. I scrub up really well!
  15. I’ve achieved a degree
  16. I’m loyal
  17. I’m a good worker
  18. I put my needs first
  19. I appreciate my life everyday
  20. I encourage others
  21. My hair is naturally thick and wavy
  22. I look after my body
  23. Smoking and drugs have never interested me
  24. I’m good at networking
  25. I create opportunities and luck for myself
  26. I love candles
  27. I enjoy camping
  28. I enjoy pampering myself
  29. I’m polite
  30. I’m pretty kooky
  31. I’m nerdy
  32. I love my green eyes
  33. I have a great figure
  34. My hands
  35. My feet
  36. My waist
  37. My nails always grow strong and long
  38. My interest in Buddhism
  39. I love Take That!
  40. I like acting like a big kid!
  41. I don’t have to put make up on to leave the house
  42. The long-length of my hair
  43. My sweet tooth
  44. I’m really good with technology
  45. I research things extensively before making a decision
  46. I can sense when things are going wrong and change direction
  47. I trust my intuition
  48. I can’t really dance
  49. I’m a good writer
  50. People feel at ease around me

Phew….I got stumped a few times but then I just thought of a different aspect of myself!

So c’mon what do you like about yourself?  If there’s something you feel you don’t like then is it valid?  Can you change it or are you just being harsh on yourself?

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