Beautiful! She looks amazing and this dress is very flattering – notice how the design gives the impression of the body being slimmer!  Kate is at the Venice Film Festival!


Hey guys here is a quick and easy style for your hair!

I plaited my hair yesterday and it looked nice but the trouble with that style for me is the next day! My hair is quite soft so when I put a brush through the plaited hair it goes really frizzy!

This is what I did with my hair today with only four flower clips from Claire’s Accessories:

It was really easy to do!

  • Put a side parting into your hair
  • Separate your hair at the back into two sections
  • Roll your hair into a loose bun around a finger – one section at a time
  • Pin your hair secure with a flower clip – one for each bun
  • Place the other two clips further ‘up’ your hair – you can clip any stray bits of hair back
  • Use bobby pins to further secure your hair if needed
  • Spray with hair spray!
  • If you want to vary the look you can further divide your hair into more sections or pull the buns into different positions on your head!
  • You can also ‘pull’ at the buns to make them a bit looser
  • It’s not meant to look perfect though – you want to look like a hippy summer chick by the end!

Here’s some more photos and a link to Claire’s website, I have a pack of the pink and white flowers!



The new product – containing LR 2412 – a ‘unique multi-tasking “beauty” molecule’ – has sparked desire among customers seduced by research claiming that one in two women planning non-surgical procedures postponed them after trying Visionnaire.

It’s a really hard product to get hold of – celebrities such as Kate and Pippa Middleton and Lancome representative Emma Watson have been sent complimentary serums but for us mere mortals we have to join the queue alongside thousands of others across the UK.

The serum is apparently so effective that it corrects skin imperfections to the point where botox is no longer needed.

This ‘miracle’ doesn’t come cheap though – £57 fpr a 30ml bottle!

I’m not sure how it interacts with spots or blemishes but it does sound pretty impressive!  I would like to hear more about people with skin problems and how it has ‘treated’ this – does it even out skin tone, help with acne or just fill in lines?  If anyone has any experience with this product then please feel free to get in touch!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2032547/Duchess-Cambridge-Pippa-Emma-Watson-try-Lancomes-miracle-cream-Visionnaire.html#ixzz1WjfSshkS

Aww I like her hair and make up on the dressing table!  Bless old Charlie too looking on!