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I think it’s been great for the UK having #Bradgelina over for the summer!  They’ve taken in lots of tourist attractions already on their stay here but yesterday it was all about the shopping!

Luckily Angelina chose the UK shop ‘French Connection’ which I would class as a more expensive high street shop.

Angelina spent £1,300 on her haul, but luckily for us French Connection has great sales and also has a few outlet stores around the UK!

Angelina bought three pieces from French Connection’s Classics range – the mustard camisole, £42, white top, £67 and black midi skirt, £72, she also purchased two charm necklaces and a nice faux fur coat for Zahara!


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Beautiful! She looks amazing and this dress is very flattering – notice how the design gives the impression of the body being slimmer!  Kate is at the Venice Film Festival!

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Hey guys here is a quick and easy style for your hair!

I plaited my hair yesterday and it looked nice but the trouble with that style for me is the next day! My hair is quite soft so when I put a brush through the plaited hair it goes really frizzy!

This is what I did with my hair today with only four flower clips from Claire’s Accessories:

It was really easy to do!

  • Put a side parting into your hair
  • Separate your hair at the back into two sections
  • Roll your hair into a loose bun around a finger – one section at a time
  • Pin your hair secure with a flower clip – one for each bun
  • Place the other two clips further ‘up’ your hair – you can clip any stray bits of hair back
  • Use bobby pins to further secure your hair if needed
  • Spray with hair spray!
  • If you want to vary the look you can further divide your hair into more sections or pull the buns into different positions on your head!
  • You can also ‘pull’ at the buns to make them a bit looser
  • It’s not meant to look perfect though – you want to look like a hippy summer chick by the end!

Here’s some more photos and a link to Claire’s website, I have a pack of the pink and white flowers!


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Not my favourite outfit Kate has ever worn but it is a stylish and slightly older take on the nautical style:

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I’ve picked out a few of the outfits that were a bit tamer but WOW Primark are really going for the colour blocking look this next season!  At least it still feels slightly Summery I guess!

Mustard, Red and Purple anyone?!

Coloured jeans are a must!

Peter pan collars

Coats with bright trims

A designer look for less!

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First of all I would get a tan! Treat yourself and go for a hand-applied fake tan or get a spray tan, they work and they will last for about a week.

Go for bright sparkly accessories – look at Blake’s they look like lovely silver crystal inspired pieces.

Leopard print shoes!  Not everyone’s cup of tea but they do take a back seat to the dress for this look.

Brighten your teeth! If it’s a special occasion then get them cleaned up or use a treatment from a pharmacy to instantly lift them!

Look for belted dresses!

Here are some similar high street looks for you to try!









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