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I think it’s been great for the UK having #Bradgelina over for the summer!  They’ve taken in lots of tourist attractions already on their stay here but yesterday it was all about the shopping!

Luckily Angelina chose the UK shop ‘French Connection’ which I would class as a more expensive high street shop.

Angelina spent £1,300 on her haul, but luckily for us French Connection has great sales and also has a few outlet stores around the UK!

Angelina bought three pieces from French Connection’s Classics range – the mustard camisole, £42, white top, £67 and black midi skirt, £72, she also purchased two charm necklaces and a nice faux fur coat for Zahara!


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Beautiful! She looks amazing and this dress is very flattering – notice how the design gives the impression of the body being slimmer!  Kate is at the Venice Film Festival!

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I went to our nearest Wal-Mart style Asda store yesterday to look at their George fashion range.

It was all going very well until a security guard approached me in front of other customers and demanded to know why I was taking photos of some of their clothes…I explained that I was a blogger and I wanted to get some pictures so I could write-up George’s current style.  He was having none of it, I honestly think he believed I was a competitor stealing their ideas!  Bit late when it’s on the shop floor love!  After ten minutes in the back room and showing him and his boss my websites I think they believed me and I was let loose on the store again with a promise not to take anymore photos!

Any hoos after that drama I will still do a write-up of what I found in late August!

There were a LOT of sale items, fair enough as we are in between the fashion seasons at the moment, lots of summer tops and 3/4 length trousers/jeans available as well as tonnes of t-shirts for £3 and £1.50 vest tops.  I did get a t-shirt and some 3/4 length jeans for a total of £8.50 (not bad!)

They had some excellent work wear, lovely fitted Next style dresses and others that reminded me of H&M designs.  Again very reasonable prices for all.  Lots of pyjamas and also some great items in their ‘teen’ range G:21 – I actually got a £5 top for this section which fits me fine!

I would recommend a trip if you like cheap, fast fashion!  Here are the photos I managed to bizarrely keep on my camera!

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Alexa seems to be keeping busy after splitting for her Artic Monkey’s boyfriend recently.

This collection taps into her love for vintage, with some laid back styles and retro designs!

The collection is out on the 22nd of September, you can visit Madewell’s website for more info!

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V Festival 2011 is now over and we saw a veritable amount of fashion over the two days.  We saw Rihanna, Jessie J, Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding all performing and strutting their stuff on stage!

What can we take away from this?  Fringing and hot pants!!  Maybe not for the faint hearted this look!

If you aren’t brave enough to go short short then get some nice tailored longer shorts or 3/4 length trousers or stay short but combine it with tights (fishnets preferably) to cover up your legs a little.

As for fringing – well I’m not sold on the concept yet but Topshop and ASOS are definitely getting behind this trend and are introducing lines with fringing details.

So if you are going to an outdoor festival this year be flamboyant and embrace that inner pop star!

Topshop Fringed Playsuit @ £55!

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It’s coming to the UK soon!

Beyonce is scheduled to appear at Selfridge’s next month as her range is launched in the UK for the first time!

The line is called ‘House of Deron’ named after Bey’s grandmother.

Its slogan ‘Couture.Soul.Kick’ represents three generations of Beyonce’s family.

Agnez Dereon as the ‘Soul’, mother Tina as ‘Couture’ and Beyonce as the ‘Kick’.

The collection starts at £80, here’s a couple of photos:

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