Teamed the Tartan with a black leather jacket…


I remember watching a program about Glee where Dianna revealed that she asked to have false eyelashes fitted as part of her characters ‘look’.  Dianna felt that this would add to her ‘mean/popular’ girl look for the first season.

It is true as well eyelashes can make a big different to your eyes.

I’ve looked at Quinn’s eyelashes and it looks like they have accentuated and opened up the sides of her eyes with falsies..

Can you see at the edge of her eyes (through the tears!) that she has full and flicked out lashes at the side?

This was my attempt at recreating this look..

It didn’t take me long to do this and I felt it made quite a difference to my eyes.

I used Eyelure Individual False Eyelashes for this look.  In the pack you get short, medium and long lashes – you are supposed to start with the short ones nearest your nose and then work your way out to the sides of your eyes gradually using the longer lashes.  They are VERY fiddly to use though – the glue and positioning them all etc – yuck.  I do not think I would have the patience.  So all I did for this look was used two medium length lash extensions and literally just place them near the edge of the eye.  I have slept on them for a couple of nights now and haven’t lost one yet but I can’t see them staying there for four weeks like the packet states.

For a quick and easy technique though it is worth a go – if you want a big change and a full set I would say see a professional and pay to get it done properly – if I had to do a full set on each eye I would have been there for an hour+ I’m sure.

This is a nice quick beauty fix though…more photos below!

Keira Knightley sparkles in her Mary Katrantzou dress at a photocall for new movie A Dangerous Method at the Venice Film Festival.

Very flattering shape on her, liking her hair at the moment and the print is really interesting and intricate!

The soft pink shoes are a nice take on the ‘nude’ look too.

I think it’s been great for the UK having #Bradgelina over for the summer!  They’ve taken in lots of tourist attractions already on their stay here but yesterday it was all about the shopping!

Luckily Angelina chose the UK shop ‘French Connection’ which I would class as a more expensive high street shop.

Angelina spent £1,300 on her haul, but luckily for us French Connection has great sales and also has a few outlet stores around the UK!

Angelina bought three pieces from French Connection’s Classics range – the mustard camisole, £42, white top, £67 and black midi skirt, £72, she also purchased two charm necklaces and a nice faux fur coat for Zahara!